Promote, regulate and supervise interscholastic activities



Proposed at April 10, 2014 Board of Control Meeting


August 27                    Fall Principals Conference Meeting-5:30pm

(Toot-Toot, Bethany)


September 22              Conference Girls Golf Tournament@ Maysville


September 23              Conference JV Girls Golf Tournament@ So Harrison

October 9                     Board of Control Meeting- Terrible's Casino - St Joe 8:30am


October 14                   All-Conference Softball Selection Meeting @ Albany 7:00


November 3                 All-Conference Football Selection Meeting @ Albany 7:00pm

November 5                 Winter Principals Conference Meeting- Terrible's 8:30am

December 11                Board of Control Meeting - Terrible's Casino - St Joe 8:30am

January 31                    Conference Wrestling Tournament- Stanberry

February 7                    Conference Vocal Performance - Rehearsal 9:00am

Performance 5:00pm @ So Harrison


February 21                  All-Conference Basketball Selection - @ Albany

March 2-9-16-23          Academic Meet Dates Make-up date March 30th

  March4                         Spring Principals Conference Meeting - Terrible's  8:30am 

  March 31                       All-Conference Scholar Bowl Selection @ Albany 6:00pm

  Apri19                           Board of Control- Terrible's Casino- St Joe 8:30am 

  April27                         Conference Boys Golf Tournament@ Maysville

  April28                         Conference JV Boys Golf Tournament @ So Harrison

  May4                            Conference Varsity Track Meet @ So Harrison rain date May 7st

  May7                            Conference Jr/High Track Meet @ Worth Co rain date May 8th