Promote, regulate and supervise interscholastic activities

The Grand River Conference is pleased to announce that it has unanimously approved the addition of the Putnam County School District as a full member effective in 2016-17.  With the recent additions of Milan and Putnam County, this will necessitate a revision of the divisional structure that was established at the meeting on February 6 in which Trenton, St. Joseph Christian, North Andrew and Pattonsburg were added to the conference.  A meeting has been scheduled at Gallatin at 11:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 25 for superintendents of the existing members and new members of the Grand River Conference.

The Grand River Conference is pleased to announce its unanimous approval of the Milan C-2 School District as its newest member effective in the 2016-17 school year.


 Press Release

The Grand River Conference is pleased to announce the addition of Trenton, St. Joseph Christian, North Andrew, and Pattonsburg as our newest members effective in 2016-17 as the result of a meeting in St. Joseph on Friday, February 6.  All of the new members received unanimous approval from the representatives of the ten-team conference.  In addition, the conference voted unanimously to adopt a two-division format for basketball and softball.  Though names of the divisions have not been decided, one division will consist of Albany, King City, North Andrew, Pattonsburg, St. Joseph Christian, Stanberry, and Worth County.  The other division will consist of Braymer, Gallatin, Maysville, Polo, Princeton, South Harrison, and Trenton.  The Grand River Conference also has invitations to Milan and Putnam County pending and has set a deadline of February 27 for them to decide whether or not they will move to the GRC.  if they would decide to join the Grand River Conference, the structure of the divisions would be subject to change.